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Navigating the World of Data Center Compliance: A Beginner’s Guide for Businesses

data center compliance

Some might think compliance is just another item to tick off on a list; however, in reality, it’s about much more than that. Data center compliance standards are at the foundation of efficient data management, ensuring the three pillars of information security: confidentiality, integrity, and data availability. The importance of compliance standards goes beyond adhering […]

The Benefits of Data Center Colocation for Small Businesses

colocation for small businesses

Colocation for small businesses has been around as one of the best choices for hassle-free, long-term plans. While big corporations have all the necessary resources and personnel to run their own infrastructure, small and medium-sized businesses can bump into several challenges when it comes to managing data. You can either deal with inefficiency issues when […]

How 95th Percentile Billing is More Beneficial for Volico Clients

95th Percentile Billing

Every business worth its salt has an online presence of some kind, and it uses computers and networks to run a business effectively in this modern business environment. One of the vital aspects of an online presence is bandwidth. Like water or electricity in your home, you pay for “currency” or “current” each month, based […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Center Provider

Not all data centers are created equally.

Companies are transitioning to data centers because they can save capital costs, expand the company’s network, and be positioned to grow into the future. Migrating to a data center can be a timely and expensive proposition. Some of the key decisions businesses should consider in choosing the right data center are:       Scalability. The provider should […]

Understanding The Advantages of Moving from Shared Hosting to Enterprise Hosting


A reliable, efficient, and secure web-hosting provider is vital to business continuity in today’s web-based world. Choosing the right hosting provider for your business depends on a number of factors that range from bandwidth needs to budgetary concerns. Shared hosting is currently the most commonly utilized hosting service. For businesses with low traffic volumes and […]

The Benefits of Data Center Interconnection Within Carrier Neutral Data Centers

95th Percentile Billing

As more and more enterprises are becoming multinational and the need for inexpensive, efficient and reliable data center connectivity increases, the use of data center interconnection is becoming a rapidly growing trend in the telecommunications world. A carrier-neutral data center refers to data centers that allow for interconnection between multiple carriers and colocation providers. The […]

Just Released: Colocation Benefits for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses White Paper

Colocation Benefits

This White Paper is designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses with realizing the advantages that come with colocation services. It aims to explain how smaller companies can capitalize on colocation services today by saving time, money, and effort. In the digital economy, competitive advantage and hence profitability, derive from the clever usage of data. […]

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