A Guide To Protecting Your Company From Data Breaches

Whether you’re a large scale company or a small business just trying to get by, data breaches have the ability to devastate your business’s livelihood, the confidential information of staff and clients and the reputation of your company. More and more common, the nation has seen a number of large-scale breaches in the last year […]

The Differences Between Disaster Recovery From Cold, Warm and Hot Recovery Sites

Disaster Recovery System Analysis

A thorough, effective, redundant and complex disaster recovery service is vital for the continuity of any business. Today’s world is full of both man-made and natural disaster threats to data security. With the increase in the use of data centers and colocation services, disaster recovery services have become a hot topic in the IT world […]

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Unfortunately in life, terrible events such as natural disasters or other incidents happen almost every day. When these situations happen, one of the biggest problems for businesses that rely on vast amounts of data is disaster recovery. In today’s world, more businesses than ever need immediate and uninterrupted access to their data around the clock, […]

Reasons Your Business Needs Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Cloud Hosting Services If you are a business owner, then you likely have dedicated servers to handle your IT operations. Data backup software does a great job in securing your data. However, if disaster should strike your business, do you know what will happen to your data? Cloud hosting offers business owners peace of […]

Why Your Business Needs Professional Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters can happen without warning and may cause damage to your current business onsite backup methods. Your business needs to have some type of disaster recovery plan in place to deal with a fire, flood or other events. Having professional disaster recovery services comes with a few benefits, and protects your business and personal assets. […]

How Does a Good Hosting Company Help Secure Your Website?

Secure Your Website

Website owners who don’t take proactive steps to protect themselves against security threats leave their websites vulnerable to malicious attackers and thieves. Security is important in the digital world, and you need to make sure that your website is hosted with a company that takes hosting security seriously.   A lack of security can lead […]

Choosing a Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Today, online businesses have many different decisions that must be made in order to conduct their operations efficiently and effectively. One of which involves Cloud Hosting and selecting a service provider that will assist with them meeting the company’s goals and objectives. While there are many different cloud hosting companies that offer their services to […]

Why Your Host Needs to Plan for Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disasters are a fact of life that individuals and businesses must face. While it’s hard for individuals to cope with the loss that tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and fires can bring, it’s excruciating when your business’s valuable and irreplaceable records are wiped by an unfortunate event. It’s even worse to find out that your hosting services […]

Are Your Servers Ready for the Upcoming 2015 Hurricane Season?

2015 Hurricane Season

June 1st is the official hurricane season, which should always trigger a very important question in the world of IT: “Does our current Disaster Recovery (DR) plan demonstrate confidence to our business that we can recover if needed? Business continuity and data availability are two of the most critical aspects of operations and revenue generation. […]