Ransomware as-a-Service (RaaS) Explained

Ransomware as-a-Service is making cyber crime all too easy. Now, criminals don’t have to create this malicious type of software. They can essentially use it for a minimal cost and pay the developers a cut, a percentage. Ransomware is computer software that criminals maliciously installed onto computers, cellphones, and other devices. The software typically enters […]

Instructive Lesson From The Amazon S3 Outage

Amazon cloud computing S3 Outage

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, an Amazon employee made a typo during a routine billing system repair and, rather than taking only a few servers offline, instead took down a significant (but still unspecified) number of the nearly 150,000 unique websites and apps hosted or supported by the Amazon cloud computing S3 service. Affected sites […]

What Is Storage Management and Do You Need It?

essential storage management considerations

Every company should have a storage management plan. As your business prospers, new customers are added, old customers return, new applications are purchased, networks grow – the need for a storage management plan becomes essential. Adding new storage is not a simple task. New data and new applications need to be integrated with old ones. […]

Best Practices on How to Create a Reliable DR Strategy

Every company that relies on its information systems for daily operations and for customer relations needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place. The difference between a valid plan and no plan (or a bad plan) can mean the difference between staying in business or being out of business. Downtime losses for companies that […]

Why Managed Firewalls are an Incredibly Important Organizational Security

Managed Firewalls

A managed firewall is used to protect networks from attacks, including both networks that connect to the Internet and internal company networks. The firewall acts as a sort of policeman; all messages that want to come in or leave the network first have to meet the firewall’s approval.  Additionally, the firewall can control who has […]

Understanding the True Cost of Downtime to Your Business

Cost of Downtime

Any interruption in computer information services can cause your organization large economic losses and loss of valuable human resources. This is true whether the interruption is due to poor computer software design, hardware malfunctions, fire or other destruction of buildings and equipment, or cyber-attacks. Every company and organization should anticipate business interruptions, have strategies to […]

Why Healthcare Providers Need a HIPAA Compliant Database

HIPAA Compliant Database

As of 1996, HIPAA compliance is mandated by law. Penalties for violations are immediate and costly. Practitioners can be fined and run the risk of losing their license if found to be in repeated violation of HIPPA regulations. Given the complicated nature of the HIPAA regulations and the effort involved in maintaining HIPAA compliant databases, […]

Disaster Recovery In Tornado and Hurricane Zones

According to the National Archives and Records Administration, over 90 percent of companies that experience upwards of 10 days of downtime file for bankruptcy within the year. It is critical for every business to have a tested and effective business continuity plan that ensures that the company makes it out of a natural disaster with […]

Understanding The Difference Between Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Between Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Disasters happen. Whether man-made or natural, the last decade has brought the urgency of immediate recovery availability to the spotlight. Between the year-long devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the recent advancements in cyber terrorism capabilities, businesses have started to recognize the need for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning (BCP). That said, the […]

Best Practices for Business Continuity

A company’s ability to avoid downtime and power outages in the face of natural disasters, international or domestic terror threats and large scale theft or security threats is the backbone of their survival. As demonstrated during 2012’s Hurricane Sandy storm, relying on human power and remote server backup systems is not enough for business continuity […]