Calculating the Size of a Firewall For Your Network

We live in a world where security breaches and data losses are expected. According to a study done by IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach (from a sample of 500 companies interviewed) is $3.86 million. Moreover, mega data breaches, which result in the loss of 1 million to […]

The Difference Between a Next Generation Firewall and a UTM Appliance

Data security remains the most critical cybersecurity issue on the map today.  It’s now standard to employ some firewall type on every system, most commonly a next-generation firewall (NGFW). However, another multipurpose option is available: a unified threat management (UTM) appliance.  With the increasing need for more secure and reliable systems, many companies seek high-end […]

Traditional and Next Generation (NGFW) Firewalls Explained

Traditional firewalls and Next Generation firewalls

Sometimes it seems like malware and dangers on the Internet progress even faster than benefits and new applications. Trying to keep pace defending against these issues is one of the primary functions of a firewall. Selecting the right firewall to meet your cybersecurity needs is critical, as is knowing the difference between traditional and next […]

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