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A Review of IoT Trends and What they Mean for Your Business

IoT Trends and What they Mean for Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of all devices (smartphones, computers, buildings, vehicles, etc.) that connect to the Internet in some way. Connections can include software, network connections, modems, sensors, or anything that lets a user connect to the Internet. Currently, the IoT consists of billions of devices, and the number of devices […]

Understanding The Advantages of Moving from Shared Hosting to Enterprise Hosting


A reliable, efficient, and secure web-hosting provider is vital to business continuity in today’s web-based world. Choosing the right hosting provider for your business depends on a number of factors that range from bandwidth needs to budgetary concerns. Shared hosting is currently the most commonly utilized hosting service. For businesses with low traffic volumes and […]

How Companies are Utilizing Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Utilizing Carrier Neutral

The last five years have seen an unprecedented upswing in the number of enterprises moving their IT management and housing to data centers. When choosing a data or colocation center, companies have two choices. Carrier specific data centers are operated by a single carrier and provide services for the entire facility. On the other hand, […]

Protecting Your Company’s Data and Applications

Protecting Your Data

When it comes to your digital business data, the most important thing you can do is keeping it safe. While computers are fantastic machines that have entirely revolutionized the world of commerce, it is still important to realize that they can malfunction without warning. When you want to keep your data entirely safe, there are […]

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