How Does GDPR Compare to HIPAA?

GDPR Compare to HIPAA

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of the United States are two critical government acts that were created to protect personal and sensitive information and data. These two pieces of regulative guidelines have contributed a considerable amount to the global data security field. […]

Everything You Need to Know About GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation

Does your organization comply with the new data protection rules? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted by the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of the European Union for the benefit of all European Union residents. The purpose of the regulation is to strengthen and standardize data protection and give residents […]

What is Cloud Sprawl and Why Should We Worry About It?

cloud sprawl and data growth concerns

As businesses grow, the types of information that can be digitized expand, and the need to digitize more and more of a company’s transactions and data grows; there is a greater need to have places to store all this information. With this growth comes a variety of concerns such as increased maintenance costs and increased […]

What HIPAA Compliant Means for Data Centers?

Understand how data centers can help your health company meet its HIPAA compliance requirements

HIPAA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is a U.S. law designed to protect the safety of medical information that is transmitted electronically. The law began as a way to help patients keep insurance if they lose their job or change jobs. HIPAA also helps reduce medical costs […]

What Are the Primary Benefits of Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Primary Benefits of Industrial IoT (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the collection of computers, devices, and vehicles that are embedded with software, sensors, and other means to transmit and exchange data through the Internet. It allows many objects to be accessed and controlled remotely by storing information […]

What You Need to Know About X-as-a-Service (XaaS)

XaaS stands for ‘anything as a service’ and encompasses SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and more. As cloud computing has become not simply an option, but practically the mandate, for both developers and users alike, there has been a myriad of ways businesses have been quick to jump on the “as a service” model. For this reason, […]

IaaS and PaaS: The Difference and Benefits

software as a service, Platform as a service, Infrastructure as a service

Cloud computing is as amorphous a term as a literal cloud, but in reality, there are three basic types of cloud computing. The difference among the three types lies in what service the specific cloud utility will offer: software, platform, or infrastructure. While this may sound overly complicated and possibly redundant, the reality is actually […]

The Physical Security Paradox: Data Centers Outperform In-House

It seems axiomatic that physical data security must actually be physically protected. Wouldn’t the best protection come from being physically present to address issues? In fact, data centers located across the country, or even the globe, provide more consistent, reliable, and all around better security. Let’s unpack the specific physical security concerns that need to […]

Most Pressing Cloud Security Issues and How to Address Them

Overcoming the security challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face when accessing the cloud As more and more companies are moving to and working with the cloud, security issues are becoming a major concern. The benefits of scalability, lower costs, increased dialogue, and the freedom to work from an office, home, or car can be […]