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Object Storage vs. Block Storage: A Simple Breakdown for Beginners

object storage or block storage

Object storage and block storage are types of cloud data storage that provide specific ways of managing data. The two have been designed to be suitable for storing different kinds of data, depending on the need for speed, accessibility, and workload of a business. The types of technologies for storage play different roles in different […]

Cognizant Computing: The Next Phase of the Personal Cloud

Talk about “the cloud” and cloud computing has been at the forefront of every IT discussion for the past five years.  Many individuals and companies have moved to securing data and applications in the cloud. The next leap phase enhances the utility of cloud-based computing services at a holistic level.  On the path towards functional […]

The Evolution of Data and Analytics in the Cloud

Cloud Data Analytics

As cloud usage among international enterprises grows, so too does the need for cloud data and analytics. In fact, it is predicted that the cloud data and analytics industry will nearly double in the next year. Businesses are rapidly signing on to transfer their IT needs to cloud technology and data centers. With this willingness […]

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