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Virtualization is among one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s industry standards.  Virtual Private Servers (VPS) facilitate all of the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

Volico’s VPS offerings give you your own dedicated resources, root access, ability to modify and upgrade packages, and full redundancy on premium grade hardware.  Each Virtual Private Server includes an independent operating system environment with the amenities of cPanel, Direct Admin, or Plesk available as an add-on.

Advantages of Volico Virtual Private Server Hosting:

✓  Instant account setup
✓  Full root access
✓  Complete resource isolation
✓  Guaranteed memory and bandwidth

Volico utilizes Citrix Xenserver to manage all VPS accounts.  Our hardware nodes include cutting-edge Supermicro servers.  Each server features a dual quad-core Intel Xeon CPU, a minimum of 12GB DDR3 RAM, and utilizes a RAID10 redundant storage array.  Each VPS node is located in our wholly owned data center facility in Miami, FL, and features a robust connection to our multi-homed network.

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