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Linux Dedicated Servers Give You Complete Control

Volico Linux Dedicated Server Packages offer unparalleled security, control, and management options. Linux servers boast the performance and stability that dwarf Microsoft’s offerings. Since the majority of the IT workforce is not professionally acquainted with Linux, Volico has an entire team of certified experts on-call, 24 hours a day. With fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions, we ensure that your Linux operating system is well maintained and updated. This ensures that time can be better spent in your organization.

Full root level access

24x7x365 technical server support
Server monitoring and network-based security protection
SAS 70 certified data centers
99.999% network uptime guarantee
Hardware replacement guarantee

With GNU/Linux dedicated servers, you have better security, a reliable way of hosting your websites and SQL databases, high performance, full root access, remote console and remote reboot

Our Linux dedicated web server is the perfect solution for high traffic or multiple websites and even sophisticated applications.

Linux Dedicated Servers at Volico offer performance and stability. Experts are available for consultation 24/7.

Linux Distributions

Volico technicians are well-versed with the wide selection of open source technologies. Customers who request Linux distributions beyond the norm are given exceptionally good support. Oftentimes people use popular distributions which require upgrades or customizations unique to their business model. Volico encourages the use of free and open source software

Red Hat Enterprise and Derivatives (CENTOS, Fedora, Oracle)
Debian GN/LINUX and Derivatives (Ubuntu Server, Mint)
Non-Linux Unix-Like OSes (BSD, Solaris)

The common LAMP acronym (Linux, MySQL, and Apache) is common with Volico clients, though many opt for alternate software such as NGINX and PostgreSQL.

Volico’s in-house staff are regular contributors to Open Source projects such as the Linux Kernel, GDM, and Ruby Gems. These aren’t Windows techs that read the book “Learn Linux in 24 Hours”.

Linux Distribution Support at Volico is #1.

Managed Linux Servers

Volico’s staff consists of certified Linux experts at all times. Technicians are present with varying expertise, some being Linux kernel developers and programmers. Management services cover every technicality of Linux server administration, for instance:

Software Audits, updates, and patches
24x7x365 support by experts
Service monitoring and network threat protection
SAS 70 certified data center facilities
99.999% network uptime guarantee
Linux compatible hardware with warranty

With managed Linux servers, customers benefit from additional security and performance. The latest Linux compatible hardware is tested for quality assurance before deployment, eliminating many issues that are difficult to troubleshoot.

Linux has proven to be well-suited for many demanding internet services. Combined with Volico personal, there is an unbeatable advantage at an affordable price.

Got Questions?

Volico’s Linux solutions are customized to meet individual requirements. To get started, please contact our sales department by clicking here, or call (888) 865-4261.

Managed Linux Servers offer performance and stability without complications. Experts are available here, 24/7

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