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Granot Web Systems – A Managed Colocation Case Study


Client: Granot Web Systems

Locations: Miami, Florida

Solution Provider: Volico Data Center

Services: Managed Colocation

• Increased speed, security, and reliability of IT operations.
• 24/7 technical support and seamless integration of existing IT structure.
• Maximum protection from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and other threats.


Granot Web Systems is a Florida-based company that develops online software for the moving industry. Since 2001, the company has provided moving companies with web-based software, which enables them to run their applications from anywhere across the globe. These applications help moving companies to manage their sales, keep track of inventory, control their operations, maintain customer databases, and manage their employees.

In addition to providing this comprehensive range of services, the web-based software is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Some of the specific moving company utilities Granot software provides include:

• Online moving software, which enables moving companies to plan and control all phases of a move.
• Customized web design and solutions.
• Granot also assists moving companies with providing quotes, obtaining leads, and other relevant services.


Granot determined that its in-house resources, including its own T1 server, were all equipped to handle the growing needs of the company. As the company expanded, the need to host their client database, website, and software applications at a colocation site emerged. Granot also had concerns about the security of its computing operations. They needed an upgrade from their standard firewall and router.

Granot’s main objectives, in addition to security, were to look for a solution that would:
• Include a dedicated server.
• Increase operation speeds.
• Perform more reliably.

Granot also wanted a professional IT service to ensure their systems’ functionality, instead of relying on their own technology staff.

Granot began their search for a colocation service online, which is where they discovered Volico Data Center. They met with Gadi Hus, the director of operations at Volico, and took an on-site tour of the colocation facilities, conveniently located just a few miles from their Miami headquarters.

Granot wanted an outside company they could trust to meet their needs, allowing them to focus their own efforts on customer relations and improving their moving software applications and other services. The company also needed a data center that could migrate its existing database without losing any information. The ease of communications between their company and Volico—specifically their consultations with Gadi—convinced Granot that Volico would be able to provide the dedicated server and colocation services they required while meeting any other challenges presented along the way.


Volico’s main solutions were to provide Granot with a dedicated server, colocation services, first-rate security, reliability, and faster performance.

Dedicated Server: A dedicated server is different than most cloud computing services. In many data center arrangements, a server is shared with other companies. A dedicated server or dedicated host means that the client does not share their server with any other company. This solution means that Granot has full control over the server, operating system, and hardware. Dedicated servers increase performance, are better for security (because the server isn’t being shared), and provide a more stable email platform.

Colocation Services: Volico provided Granot an off-site solution—an IT infrastructure at a site other than that of the client. Colocation provided Granot many benefits, beginning with the services of an independent information technology and security team. Colocation now allows Granot to operate 24/7/365. When disaster strikes, high redundancy enables operations to continue with minimal interruption so that customers are not lost and operations do not visibly stop for any length of time. Data centers also provide broader bandwidths, which can reduce costs. Another benefit of colocation is scalability, which means Volico can increase or decrease services depending on Granot’s hourly needs.

Security: The Volico Data Center uses biometric security. This type of security controls and authenticates access on an individual basis. Biometric security is just one example of the variety of security services Volico installs and maintains to manage internal and external threats to company data, website, and applications.

Speed: Colocation allows for faster networking and operations because the servers and networks are of much higher quality than standard, in-house servers. This is achieved through both increased bandwidth and lower latency.

Reliability: Reliability was obtained through careful design and implementation of business continuity and disaster planning so that the system could be quickly operable if an emergency did occur. Volico’s power redundancy allows operations to continue if any part of the IT system needs maintenance due to electrical failures, including bad weather and power outages. Volico’s cooling system meets the environmental concerns of modern data centers. The cooling system is able to adapt to temperature changes and changes in humidity in real-time – while being cost-effective and green technology friendly.


Volico provided Granot with solutions that suited the company’s needs while remaining close to home. Volico has a data center in the heart of downtown Miami – very close to where Granot Web Systems is housed. Granot was pleased with this balance of proximity and connectivity. Volico was also able to migrate the database so that no data was lost, and so that new information could be easily added without having to be concerned about exceeding any data limits. Colocation means Granot has the security of knowing its business operations can continue if disaster strikes.

Granot is proud of its working relationship with Volico. As proof, it has posted its working relationship with Volico on its own company website and lists Volico as a valued third party service provider. Along with a link to the Volico site, Granot writes:

Volico Dedicated Hosting plans feature an advanced fiber network in a secure location. Complete access and confidentiality come standard, along with your existing hardware and software configuration.

The IT solutions implemented by Volico have allowed for Granot’s heightened productivity, enabling the company to continue to expand and grow. In Volico, Granot has found a cost-effective solution that has resulted in a dependable IT infrastructure to meet its changing needs.

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