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Case Study: FeNaGo – Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)


Client: FeNaGO

Industry: Cloud Computing

Market: Healthcare, Legal, Training, and Managed Services Companies

• South Florida
• San Francisco
• Houston
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific

Problem: Unruly customer service, high costs, poor service delivery
Solution Provider: Volico Data Centers
Services: Data Center services

• Proactive customer service
• Quality, reliable infrastructure
• Customizable hosting plans
• No hidden fees and upcharges


Founded in 2012, FeNaGo is a leading US-based cloud computing provider that helps businesses to realize the benefits of virtualization.

It offers ultra-flexible and easy-to-use Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in South Florida, San Francisco, Houston,  Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company’s customer base includes healthcare and legal SMBs as well as training and managed services providers.


Across industries, service providers gear their solutions towards large accounts, ignoring the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Most don’t recognize the differences between the two markets and blindly apply the same tactics – large-enterprise thinking, processes, and solutions – to tackle the issues of SMBs.

FeNaGo, a medium-sized cloud computing provider, has experienced this approach firsthand. Ernesto Lee, CEO at FeNaGo, explains: “The hosting provider that we worked with before showed zero flexibility, and their plans were too rigid. The sales staff was disinterested in our business mainly because we are an SMB. We experienced issues with accessing our equipment, and we didn’t feel comfortable anymore.”

In the end, it was a customer service issue that prompted the management at FeNaGo to search for a different solution. Mr. Lee continues: “When one of our machines got compromised, we realized that the resolution of our problem was not the provider’s first priority. We had to fly someone in from Europe to go to the data center and unplug the compromised machine because we didn’t get any support from our provider. They didn’t want to spend 5 minutes needed to perform the task. Instead, they sent us a new agreement and asked us to pay additional charges before attending the issue. They were more interested in making money off of us than delivering their service.”

The situation has led to significant financial and customer repercussions and solidified the management’s decision to find an alternative.


The team at FeNaGo began its search for a new hosting provider. Ernesto Lee comments: “The situation that we went through has prompted us to look closely at the customer service aspect. We required a hosting provider that offered flexible plans, reliable infrastructure, and proactive customer service. In the beginning, we utilized Google search and conducted interviews with the above criteria in mind. Volico Hosting has stood out the most, so we proceeded with independently finding their references and validating them. All of their clients had nothing but positive things to say. This ensured our confidence in Volico.”

The transition to Volico went smooth and without FeNaGo’s clients ever noticing the switch. Mr. Lee attributes the success to Volico: “The staff (at Volico) were very knowledgeable. They took the time to learn about my business and my business model. They were flexible and always there to help. From a consumer standpoint, the switch was seamless.


The transition to the hosting provider that has the experience and expertise of working with SMBs has proved to be crucial for FeNaGo. The company’s CEO Ernesto Lee concludes: “We see three major benefits in our switch: more capacity, better use of our resources, and stability. We’ve been able to optimize our balance sheet by reducing costs associated with the service delivery. We’ve doubled our capacity while paying the same price we used to. This has allowed us to see increasing revenues without increasing costs.

Our customer base has grown by 30% without us spending additional money. Moreover, we’ve been able to better utilize our own resources. We don’t have to send our people to the data center as many times as we used to. The team at Volico is always in touch with us and there to help. Finally, our infrastructure has become stable. We don’t experience any outages or any other service interruptions. Overall, the quality of Volico’s services is exceptional! I highly suggest them to other SMBs. All you have in business is your reputation. I recommend Volico Hosting because I trust them.”

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