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Case Study: Capone Technology – Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)


Client: Capone Technology LLC

Industry: Colocation, Server Administration, Web Hosting.

Market: Small Business, Marketing Companies, Movies Studios.

Locations: South Florida, California

Solution Provider: Volico Data Center

Services: Capone Technology procured a Full Cabinet (42U) from Volico with 20amps 120V power and 10mbps BGP bandwidth in order to improve the services that Capone was receiving with their existing solutions.

Benefits: “The benefits we have seen since migrating our servers to Volico have been a significant increase in traffic (as a direct result of the improved bandwidth and power availabilities provided by Volico), a reduction in IT management and maintenance costs, and reduction in downtime. We are getting more hits while experiencing significantly fewer bumps in service and downtime. The result has been a tremendous increase in revenue and a previously inexperienced ability to compete with larger scale providers for business.”


Capone Technology LLC is a small web hosting company based out of Florida and California. Operating since 2013, Capone Technology LLC has been servicing small businesses, marketing companies, and movie studios with small-scale web hosting and web design services. Utilizing minimal employees and a combination of self-hosting technology and Amazon Cloud services, Capone Technology provides companies with basic web hosting and design.

Since its conception, Capone Technology has built a steady roster of clients and has reached a point where demand for the company’s services is outpacing the current bandwidth and power capabilities. In an effort to continue its growth, expand its reach and solidify its position as a leading provider in the area, Capone Technologies is looking to expand its reach through increased bandwidth and power availability.


As a small company, Capone Technology turned to self-hosting and Amazon cloud services to keep IT costs low. In the beginning stages of the company’s growth, these solutions were adequate to meet the demands that Capone Technology had at the time. As the business continued to grow and attempted to reach larger clients and compete with larger and more established competitors, the self-hosting and Amazon cloud combination was no longer cost-effective, which limited profitability and impacted the user experience.

The company then found itself in the bind of needing to find a data center solution that offered increased bandwidth and power availability while still allowing the company to stay on budget. If the service provider were too expensive, the gains from working together would not outweigh the pressures of the additional cost. The challenge was to find a way to improve Capone’s bandwidth and power without breaking the bank. Capone Technology sought to solve the problem by working with local experts in the South Florida market to tailor a data hosting plan to their unique needs. Capone Technologies needed a hosting provider that could identify the services and technologies needed to solve the problem without taking on additional, unnecessary services to the package.


After meeting with and interviewing a number of top data centers in the area, Capone Technology settled on Volico to meet their data center and colocation needs. Capone Technology and Volico worked for hand in hand to design and implement a service level plan that increased bandwidth, offered reliable uptime, and ensured disaster recovery without raising costs astronomically. By utilizing a 42U cabinet and 20amps of power, Volico was able to offer Capone technology 10mbps BGP bandwidth upon which to operate their hosting operations in South Florida. The increase in power and bandwidth allowed the company to effectively host their clients while increasing their daily Amazon hits from 10,000 to 50 million without any noticeable loss of power.


Since working with Volico, the results have been astounding. Capone Technology has increased Amazon traffic more than tenfold, and users that have visited their website have had an excellent experience thanks to the ample bandwidth provided by Volico’s colocation solution. By working together with Volico, Capone Technology was successfully able to make it cost effective to host our clients. Volico helped Capone Technology go from handling 10,000 hits/day on Amazon and losing 20 percent of that traffic to now handling around 50M hits/day with almost no loss of traffic.

More importantly, Capone Technology has seen an increase in customers, resulting in sales and revenue increases since we switched over to Volico. The combination has turned Capone Technology into one of the leading web hosting providers in Florida and California, and their business continues to grow monthly thanks to the partnership they have built with Volico Enterprise Hosting Solutions.

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