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Volico respects the need for IP addresses within a hosting environment and makes all reasonable efforts to provide IP’s to those in need. While trying to keep the needs of all customers, a number of policies are in place to insure fair distribution and use of the IP Address Space.

All IP addresses assigned to customers remain the sole property of  Volico and can only be used within the Volico networks on active services. In the event of service termination, the IP addresses will be reclaimed and reused by Volico at its full discretion.

Volico will deliver a minimum of 1 IP address to each server via a single /30 block on a private VLAN or directly connected routed port. In an effort to maintain ARIN compliance within the Volico network, justification for additional IP addresses is mandatory.

With the depletion of the IPV4 address space, Volico discourages the use of IP addresses for single website hosting; Volico encourages the capability to host multiple websites on a single IP address without loss of performance or features. Volico occasionally will request justification of IP Address in accordance with ARIN’s guidelines. Failure to provide justification in accordance with ARIN’s guidelines may result in the revocation of the allocated IP address space assigned to the customer.

In accordance with ARIN’s policies, Volico from time to time may ask you to provide us with documentation of your IP usage plan. This kind of measure is necessary not only to keep our networks operating at maximum efficiency but also because we are required to provide ARIN with IP request justification. If you’re not able or willing to share this information, Volico reserves the right to cancel previously assigned IP addresses.

Volico strictly forbids all customers from adding IP addresses not assigned by Volico to their Volico service. This policy is in place to ensure that potentially harmful IP addresses are not added to our network that could compromise the system for our other customers and may result in downtime, for which we are held responsible. As a result, Volico finds it necessary to take strict measures to prevent unassigned IP addresses from being used without prior permission.

To better ensure that Volico’s IPs are not used for illegal/improper purposes. Volico has delineated those activities that are deemed illegal or improper under our acceptable use policy. Individuals who engage in illegal or improper activities may be subject to account termination or restrictions of their IPs and associated ports: Furthermore, proper authorities may also be contacted on a case by case basis.

If you have questions about these policies please e-mail to [email protected]

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