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Holt Systems – Datacenter as a Service (DaaS) Case Study


Client: Holt System

Industry: Software manufacturer

Market: Healthcare (EMR/EHR software), finance

Locations: Pompano Beach and Delray Beach, Florida

Problem: Transition to a cloud-based, subscription model

Solution Provider: Volico Hosting

Services: Colocation (Rack space, power, and bandwidth)

• Proactive technical support and utilization of the latest technologies
• Reliable, expandable hosting service at a reasonable price
• Maximum protection against hurricane’s damage

How the Data Center Colocation Method Has Increased One Company’s Revenue by 200-250% in 6 Month.


Founded in 1988, Holt Systems is a privately held corporation headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida. Holt Systems, Inc. (HSI) develops and markets enterprise software. The company provides document and workflow management solutions aimed at the Healthcare and Financial Industries. Additionally, it offers systems integration, application development, document storage, retrieval systems, and business process re-engineering services. HSI markets its products under eMedRec and items flow brand names. The company caters to mainly medical and also to financial institutions. It has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Nuance NaturallySpeaking, and Oracle.


Holt Systems, Inc. provides Electronic Health Records (EHR) software to end users such as ambulatory practices, ambulatory surgical centers, and diagnostic centers. In recent years, physicians and hospitals favored on-site/client-server based systems for EHR. Today, as more practices upgrade their systems to integrate EHR with practice’s management tools, more are turning to the cloud. Lower upfront costs, flexible outsourcing options, and ease-of-use are only some of the benefits delivered by cloud-based solutions. Utilization of cloud-based EHR renders practices eligible for substantial government incentives. Driven to deliver the best to their clients, Holt Systems, Inc. has transformed their EHR software to perform on the cloud. Mr. Brendon A. Holt, President at Holt, continues: “We have been moving our end users from client- server based solutions to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud versions of our software to meet the demands of the ever-changing EHR environment. We have adopted a subscription-based model and redesigned our software to perform no matter the location. In regards to facilities to host the application, it was clear that the number one concern would have to be the uptime. Any downtime would bring the practices we serve down and disrupt their workflows.” Holt Systems required a hosting provider that guaranteed 24/7/365 continuous systems performance and had experience and certifications needed to operate in the healthcare sector. With these criteria in mind, the management team at Holt Systems began the search for a colocation company.


Mr. Holt continues: “We have looked at six different colocation providers in Southeastern Florida and also contacted other CEO’s of EHR companies during the evaluation process. Finally, we decided to choose Volico. Technical expertise of the staff and the advanced technology offered by Volico’s Deerfield facility were the underlying reasons for our choice.” The transition to Volico went smooth and without any undue interruptions. Brendon attributes this success to the technical staff at Volico: “They have gone way beyond the scope of their work to assist us and been very helpful throughout the process. I could not be any happier.”


As a result of choosing Volico, Holt Systems, Inc. has been able to realize savings internally and for its clients. Brendon Holt explains: “Volico has allowed over 30 medical practices to now function out of our hosted environment. Volico has been the key ingredient in delivering our new cloud-based EHR. We have converted our end users from making a one-time purchase and paying an annual maintenance fee to a monthly subscription. This move led to a significantly higher ROI (return on investment) for eMedRec by Holt Systems. In the end, our users are happy as they no longer have to worry about servers crashing and hurting productivity, the ability to deploy new sites is not an issue as well. The switch from the client-based solution to the cloud had a huge impact on the practices we serve as they became eligible for the EHR Stage 2 Meaningful Use program, which delivered over $3M in revenue to the practices from government stimulus.” By deploying the colocation services of Volico, Holt Systems, Inc. has optimized its operating costs by outsourcing resolution of its network issues to the staff at Volico and transitioned to a new service model that boosted its revenues and helped to support its medical practices with much needed stimulus payments. As Mr. Holt summarizes: “With Volico, we see more money value for our clients and more money value for Holt.”

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