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This section will assist you with the View Tickets section of our portal:



A - Ticket # - This section will list your ticket number

B - Subject - This will include the subject of the ticket

C - Author - This will show the Author of the ticket.  Note that Vault Networks employees may create tickets on your behalf at times.

D - Opened - Shows the time frame that the ticket was opened.

E - Updated - Shows the date of the last update to the ticket

F - Priority - Shows Priority level assigned to the ticket

G - Assigned - Shows Vault Networks staff member (if any) assigned to the ticket

H - Department - Shows the department the ticket is tied to

I - Type - Shows whether ticket is Open, Closed, or in Progress


If a ticket is closed, this means that no more updates will occur on the ticket in question.  If you are still experiencing an issue, please open a new ticket and refer to the ticket number of the old ticket

J - View: Allows you to view all tickets.  View can be modified to show open tickets, closed tickets, and all tickets (combining open and closed).

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