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This section will overview the View Invoices section:



A - Invoice Number - This Column will list your Invoice Numbers.  Clicking on the invoice number will open the invoice in a new window.

B - Date Sent - This column will show the dates when invoices were sent out to the billing contacts on the account

C - Date Due - This Column will list the due dates for your invoices

D - Amount - This section will display the balance due on the invoice.  A more detailed view is available inside the actual invoice.

E - Amount Outstanding - This section will display the amount that is pending to be paid for the invoice in question

F - Generate PDF - This list of check boxes enables you to rapidly generate PDFs of your invoices

G - PDF/CSV - Enables you to download the Invoice as a PDF or CSV document

H - View Invoice - Will display the invoice in a new window, just like clicking on it in the invoice number section

I - Pay Online - Enables you to pay your bill online

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